Personal Friendship Gift Waiver Request Form

Personal Friendship

Any Member, officer, or employee of the House may accept a gift that is given on the basis of personal friendship, unless there is reason to believe that the gift was provided because of the individual’s official position and not because of the personal friendship.  However, if the gift exceeds $250 in value, Members, officers, and employees must seek written approval from the Committee.  A House Member, officer, or employee who is requesting approval of a gift under the Personal Friendship Exception must now use the form below to make that request, rather writing the Committee.   

In determining whether a gift is provided on the basis of personal friendship, one should consider:  (1)  the history of the official’s relationship with the donor, including any previous exchange of gifts, (2)  whether, to the official’s actual knowledge the donor personally paid for the gift or sought a tax deduction or business reimbursement for the it, and (3) whether, to the official’s actual knowledge, the donor at the same time gave the same or similar gifts to other Members of staff.