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Travel Paid for by a Federal, State, or Local Government

Below is a condensed version of this topic; for complete guidance please refer to the House Ethics Manual, Chapter 3 on travel.

Travel Paid for by the Federal Government, or by State or Local Government

Under the gift rule, Members, officers, and employees may accept travel that is “paid for by the Federal Government, [or] by a State or local government” (House Rule 25, clause 5(a)(3)(O)).  This provision is fully explained in Chapter 2 on gifts.  The gift rule includes no restrictions on the ability of Members and staff to accept travel offered by such a governmental entity, whether in terms of trip duration, accompanying individuals, or otherwise.  Such travel is not subject to the requirements for pre-travel Committee approval following private sponsor certification, the post-travel disclosure requirement, or the various specific restrictions that apply to officially-connected travel that is paid by a private source.21  Nor does this type of travel need to be disclosed on one’s annual Financial Disclosure Statement.  The matter of travel paid for or authorized by the House is further addressed below.


21 For example, the rule permits the acceptance of travel paid for by a state university without the requirements described above.  However, travel paid for by a private university is subject to Committee pre-approval.