Committee Staff


Tom Rust, Chief Counsel & Staff Director

Joanne White, Administrative Staff Director

Jackie Barber, Counsel to the Chairman

Dan Taylor, Counsel to the Ranking Member

Deborah Mayer, Director of Investigations

Heather Jones, Senior Counsel

Cliff Stoddard, Senior Counsel

Miguel Toruño, Senior Counsel

Karena Dees, Counsel

Robert Eskridge, Counsel

Patrick McMullen, Counsel

Tamar Nedzar, Counsel

Wendy Smith, Counsel

Christopher Tate, Counsel

Deborah Bethea, Senior Financial Disclosure Advisor

Craig Barber, Systems Administrator

Brittany Bohren, Investigator

Tucker Carr, Investigative Clerk

Brittany Dowell, Advice and Education Clerk

Molly McCarty, Financial Disclosure Clerk

Melanie Baucom, Staff Assistant

Jacob Thompson, Staff Assistant