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Committee Staff

Tom Rust, Chief Counsel & Staff Director

Kelle Strickland, Counsel to the Chairman

David Arrojo, Counsel to the Ranking Member

Donna Herbert, Director of Administration

Sarah Myers-Mutschall, Director of Advice & Education

Brittney Pescatore, Director of Investigations

Stephanie Richards, Director of Financial Disclosure

Janet Foster, Senior Counsel

Tamar Nedzar, Senior Counsel

Sydney Bellwoar, Counsel

Melissa Chong, Counsel

Katherine Fitzpatrick, Counsel

Christine Gwinn, Counsel

Roshan Patel, Counsel

Arlinda Rouse, Counsel

Elysia Travis, Counsel

Emily Wezik, Counsel

Deborah Bethea, Senior Financial Disclosure Manager

Melanie Cohan, Professional Staff

Caroline Taylor, Investigator

Nicholas Long, Advice & Education Clerk

Peyton Wilmer, Investigations Clerk

Rose Winters, Financial Disclosure Clerk

Flavio Corsi Mendez, Senior Staff Assistant

Kate McLane, Staff Assistant

Kate Seibert, Staff Assistant