Committee Staff


Tom Rust, Chief Counsel & Staff Director

David Arrojo, Counsel to the Chairman

Chris Donesa, Counsel to the Ranking Member

Donna Herbert, Director of Administration

Brittney Pescatore, Director of Investigations

Tonya Sloans, Director of Financial Disclosure

Tonia Smith, Director of Advice and Education

Kathryn Lefeber Donahue, Senior Counsel

Tamar Nedzar, Senior Counsel

Jessica Baker, Counsel

Janet Foster, Counsel

Jacob Marshall, Counsel

Sarah Myers-Mutschall, Counsel

Mark Opachan, Counsel

Ezekiel Ross, Counsel

Michelle Seo, Counsel

John Szabo, Counsel

Tanisha Wilburn, Counsel

Danielle Appleman, Investigator

Deborah Bethea, Senior Financial Disclosure Manager

Adam Wambold, Professional Staff

Stephen Boursalian, Staff Assistant

Melissa Epstein, Staff Assistant

Ryan Eseppi, Staff Assistant

Matt Jansen, Staff Assistant

George Korn, Staff Assistant

Caroline Taylor, Staff Assistant