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Travel Forms

Travel requests for trips must be submitted to the Committee by the traveler at least 30 days before the departure date.

Click here for help calculating your due date.

You must use the new travel forms below for any trip.

Pre-approval Forms


  • A travel pre-approval request must include both a completed Traveler Form and Primary Trip Sponsor Form, plus any attachments and any required Additional Trip Sponsor Forms.             
  • Keep a copy of all information submitted to the Committee for pre-approval because you will need to submit it as part of your post-travel disclosure.

Post-Travel Disclosure Forms  

Note:  Each traveler must submit a Sponsor Post-Travel Disclosure Form and an Employee or Member Post-Travel Disclosure Form (whichever is appropriate) within 15 days of their return from travel.

  • Click here for help calculating the due date for your post-travel disclosure.

Travel Regulations

  • You can access the full text of the Committee's Travel Regulations, issued April 1, 2021, by clicking the link above.

Travel Calculator

  • The Committee has created a calculator to show the due dates for submission of both travel pre-approval and post-travel disclosure forms.  Click here to access the travel calculator.

FGDA travel from a foreign government

  • Click here for the form for disclosing travel expenses accepted from a foreign government under the Foreign Gifts & Decorations Act (FGDA).  Note that this form should be filed directly with the Ethics Committee in 1015 Longworth or by email at, not with the Clerk in the Legislative Resource Center as is required with other post-travel disclosure forms.  This form is not required for travel accepted under the Mutual Educational & Cultural Exchange Act (MECEA).