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FAQs About Training

Q: Who is required to complete ethics training?

A: All new Members, officers, and employees must receive ethics training within 60 days of their start date. Staff based in DC must attend a live ethics training session; staff based in other cities may fulfill ethics training online. All current House officers and employees must also complete annual ethics training by the end of every calendar year (December 31). All senior staff must complete an additional hour of training once per Congress (every two years).

Q: Who is considered to be a new employee?

A: Any former House employee who returns to House employment after a gap of more than 90 consecutive calendar days is considered to be a “new” employee. Any intern paid by the House for more than 60 days also is considered a new employee and is required to take ethics training. Any unpaid intern is not considered an employee and is not required to take ethics training. However, the committee encourages unpaid interns to take the training and abide by the ethics rules during the term of their service with the House.

Q: When do new employees need to complete ethics training?

A: Within 60 days after start of employment. Employees who work on Capitol Hill must attend a live briefing. District staff can watch an online briefing.

Q: How can I be sure that my staff have completed their training?

A: Employees can log on to the Congressional Staff Academy Website to confirm completion of the appropriate ethics training.  Staff members who encounter problems confirming completion of training should contact the Committee at (202) 225-7103.

Q: How do existing employees complete their training?

A: All employees need to complete one general ethics training, live or online, each year, by December 31.  The online courses can be accessed through Congressional Staff Academy Website, and employees can sign up for the live courses here.  All employees who are considered Senior Staff must complete an additional hour of training once per Congress.  Senior Staff training can be completed online or in person. Ethics training can only be accessed through House Intranet, and staff are strongly encouraged to complete ethics training before the end-of-the-year traveling season.

Q: What if I don’t have time to take the training?

A: The Committee does not grant extensions for training.  If an employee misses the training deadline, the employee may be subject to sanctions by the Committee.  

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