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New Employee

(This includes a former employee who returns to House employment after a gap of more than 90 consecutive calendar days, as well as interns who are paid for more than 60 days.)

  • ALL new employees must complete training within the first 60 days of House employment.
  • Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all new employees may complete New Employee Ethics Training online. 
  • New employees with access to the House network may access online training through the Congressional Staff Academy
  • New employees without access to the House network may watch an online video to satisfy the New Employee Ethics Training requirement.  To do so, please email to be given access. 

Note: Detailees, fellows, unpaid interns, or any individuals who are employed by the House and paid for less than 60 days are not required to attend ethics training in 2020.  The Ethics Committee nonetheless encourages these individuals to complete ethics training, so they become familiar with the House ethics rules while working in a House office or for a House Committee.