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Negotiations for Future Employment and Restrictions on Post-Employment for House Staff

Dec 18, 2020
Post Employment Pink Sheet

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The purpose of this memorandum is to remind you about issues of concern to staff members who are negotiating for future employment or departing from employment with the House of Representatives or one of the legislative branch offices.  The matters discussed here include negotiations for future employment, post-employment restrictions, financial disclosure requirements (Termination Reports), and outside employment and earned income restrictions.  Although this memorandum will be of particular interest to departing staff, current staff and their employing Members should also familiarize themselves with these restrictions, particularly the criminal restrictions on post-employment communications.  Current Members and staff are reminded that they may not assist in the violation of these restrictions. 

In addition, the Committee would like to take this opportunity to note one statutory provision that applies to all House Members and staff.   House Members and staff may not use confidential information obtained by means of personal and substantial participation in ongoing trade or treaty negotiations for one year prior to leaving House employment in the course of representing, aiding, or advising anyone other than the United States regarding those ongoing negotiations.  As with other provisions of this statute, this prohibition lasts for one year after departure from the House payroll.

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