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Statement of the Chairman and Ranking Member on Selection of Ethics Staff Director

May 2, 2011
Press Release

Chairman Jo Bonner and Ranking Member Linda T. Sanchez are pleased to announce the selection of Daniel A. Schwager to serve as the Committee on Ethics' Staff Director and Chief Counsel. The Committee unanimously agreed to the appointment ofMr. Schwager who begins his
service with the Committee today.

"Dan's nonpartisan professional experience and proven leadership will ensure that the Committee provides a fair procedural framework for the conduct of its activities and serves the people ofthe United States and the Members and staff of the House of Representatives in an impartial manner," Chairman Bonner stated. "After a challenging end to the 111 th Congress, the Committee is anxious to move forward with the business of the 112th Congress and is confident that Dan will serve the Committee with integrity and without bias."

"Throughout his impressive legal career, Dan has demonstrated a commitment to ethics and to public service," Ranking Member Sanchez said. "Dan's longstanding dedication to ensuring that our public servants meet the highest ethical standards and his wealth of experience make him the right person to lead the Committee's nonpartisan staff and help it fulfill its vital responsibilities to the House and to the American people."

Mr. Schwager added, "I am truly honored by the Committee's vote of confidence in me and the mission of impartial integrity. I am excited to work with the Members, staff, and the entire House community in the best traditions of supporting and promoting the ethical conduct of the
House of Representatives."

The Chairman and Ranking Member noted that the Committee has received more than 400 resumes for vacant counsel positions with the Committee, and chose Mr. Schwager from many candidates. The Committee will continue its efforts to hire several additional attorneys in the
coming weeks.

Mr. Schwager most recently served as Counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Ethics. His distinguished public service also includes more than five years with the Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Public Integrity Section where he received the Attorney General's Award for
Fraud Prevention and numerous meritorious awards. Mr. Schwager also served for more than five years with the New York County District Attorney's office, both in its Investigation Division, Official Corruption Unit and its Trial Division.


Press Release