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Statement of the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Committee on Ethics Regarding Representative Andrew Clyde

Apr 12, 2021
Press Release

Pursuant to Committee Rule 7, the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Committee on Ethics (Committee) determined to release the following statement:

On February 5, 2021, and February 8, 2021, the Committee received notifications from the Office of the Sergeant at Arms that Representative Andrew Clyde has been fined pursuant to House Resolution 73.  Representative Clyde appealed the fines to the Committee on February 23, 2021, before the Committee adopted its written rules.  Pursuant to Section 1(b)(3) of House Resolution 73, upon receipt of an appeal before the Committee adopts its written rules, the Committee has 30 days from when the chair of the Committee informs the appellant it has adopted its rules to consider the appeal, and the fine will be upheld unless the appeal is agreed to by a majority of the Committee. 

On March 9, 2021, after adopting the Special Policies and Procedures Relating to Fine Notifications and Appeals, the Committee informed Representative Clyde that it had adopted its rules and the Committee’s 30-day period for consideration of his appeals began.

A majority of the Committee did not agree to the appeals.  Pursuant to Section 1(b)(2) of House Resolution 73, the Committee hereby publishes the required notification and Representative Clyde’s written appeal.



Press Release 

Notice Regarding Appeal

Representative Clyde's Appeal