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FAQs About Financial Disclosure

Q. When is my Financial Disclosure Statement due?

A. For Members and senior staff, statements are due annually on May 15. For information regarding the due dates for Candidates, new Members senior staff, and termination filers, see the Committee’s Instructions for Completing Financial Disclosure Statements and Periodic Transaction Reports, at pp. 2-6.

Q. Can I get an extension?

A. Generally, yes for Financial Disclosure Statements. Such requests must be made in writing and must be received by the Committee prior to when the Financial Disclosure Statement is due. Extension request forms are available in the electronic filing system, found at, or on the "Information and Forms" page under the Financial Disclosure tab of this website.  No extensions of the filing time limits are allowed for Periodic Transaction Reports.

Q. Will the Committee review, or "pre-screen" my Financial Disclosure Statement   before I file to make sure I have filled it out correctly?

A. Yes, as resources permit. Call 202-225-7103 for more information.