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Tom Delay Press Statement

Today the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, by unanimous votes, adopted each of the recommendations made by Chairman Joel Hefley and Ranking Minority Member Alan B. Mollohan for disposition of the three counts of the complaint that was filed against Representative Tom DeLay on June 15, 2004.  Those recommendations are detailed in a 44-page memorandum from the Chairman and Ranking Minority Member to the other Committee members.  The memorandum was accompanied by approximately 100 pages of attachments consisting of documents that they obtained in their fact-gathering activities under Committee Rule 16(c).

Copies of the memorandum with attachments are being publicly released by the Committee today, along with copies of a letter of admonition to Representative DeLay that was approved in accordance with the recommendations.    

The memorandum with attachments and the letter of admonition are available on the Committee Web site,  Limited print copies of these documents have been made available to the House press galleries.

The Committee anticipates issuing advisory memoranda to all House Members and staff on certain of the matters addressed in the memorandum being released today.