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Retention of and Public Access to Reports

The Clerk of the House will make Financial Disclosure Statements and Periodic Transaction Reports available for public inspection until six years after the individual ceases to be a Member of Congress.  All reports of officers and employees shall be made available for public inspection for six years after filing.  Financial Disclosure Statements of candidates who were not subsequently elected will remain available for one year after the individual ceases to be a candidate.  The Clerk makes all forms on file available for inspection by the public within thirty days of receipt.  Member and Candidate forms are posted on the Web site of the Office of the Clerk, under the “Public Disclosure” tab.  In addition, the Clerk is required to send a copy of each Statement or PTR filed by a Member or a candidate to the appropriate state officer in the state represented by the Member or in which the individual is a candidate.  

Anyone wishing to review a report on file with the Clerk must provide his or her name, occupation, and address; the name of any other person or entity on whose behalf the information is sought; and a statement that he or she is aware of the prohibitions on use of the information.56  It is unlawful to use the information contained in Financial Disclosure Statements for any commercial purpose other than new reporting, any unlawful purpose, to establish a filer’s credit rating, or for charitable, political, or other solicitations.57



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