Existing Employee

All existing employees who are not "new" employees must take one hour of ethics training during calendar year 2019.  You can fulfill this requirement by watching the "2019 Ethics - General Ethics Training" video online at any time.  Senior staff also need to take an additional hour of senior staff training once per Congress (i.e. every 2 years).  For more information on the senior staff training requirement, click here.

To access the "2019 Ethics - General Ethics Training" video:

  1. Go to the Congressional Staff Academy and go to Annual Training.  Select "2019 General Ethics Course". Click Request and then Launch. All pop-ups will need to be allowed. 
  2. Once launched, a screen will pop up with a video.  Click play, and then click the right arrows to navigate through the course. 
  3. You must click forward and see the confirmation screen in order to complete the course.
  4. When you go back to the main screen of the Congressional Staff Academy, go to Learning then "View My Transcript" where you can confirm that you successfully completed the training.