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Future Employment Forms

Members, officers, and employees seeking future employment must avoid not only an actual conflict of interest but also the appearance of a conflict between their duties to the House and the interests of the prospective employers with whom they are negotiating. The Committee on Ethics defines negotiation as “a communication between two parties with a view toward reaching an agreement.”  Thus, merely sending a copy of one's resume to a private entity is not considered "negotiating" for future employment. An employment arrangement begins when an offer has been made and accepted.

Q.  What are the recusal and notification requirements for Members and senior staff?

A: Members and senior staff must notify the Committee, in writing, within three business days after starting negotiations or entering into an agreement to accept any private employment or compensation. Members and senior staff may use the Notification of Negotiations or Agreement for Future Employment Form to submit to the Committee to fulfill this requirement.


Q.  What does it mean to “recuse” myself from working on any matter in which there is a conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict” and when do I need to complete a written “recusal”?

A:  A recusal is accomplished by not participating in the matter.  If you are assigned an official matter that may affect the financial interests of your prospective employer, or you become aware of the need to recuse yourself, it is your responsibility to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that you do not participate.  You must notify the Committee in writing of such recusal.  Members and senior staff may use the Recusal Form to submit to the Committee to fulfill this requirement.

Q.  May I accept travel expenses and amenities associated with interviews?

A: Yes. You may accept gifts of meals, lodging, transportation, and other benefits and amenities customarily provided by a prospective employer in connection with bona fide employment discussions.  If you are a financial disclosure filer, you are required to disclose on Schedule H (“Travel and Travel Reimbursements”), any travel reimbursements exceeding $480 received from any source in connection with a job-search activity.

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