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House Ethics Manual

The Travel and Gifts sections below supersede the corresponding chapters in the 2008 Ethics Manual.

When in Doubt, Call the Committee

Other Important Contact Information



2008 Ethics Manual

When in Doubt, Call the Committee

Ethics questions are fact-specific, meaning that a slight change in facts could change the outcome of the guidance you receive.  When in doubt, please call the Committee.  Our Office of Advice and Education is here to help you.  Following guidance provided by the Committee can protect you from future investigations.  Our phone number is 202-225-7103, and our email address is

[1] Committee Rule 3(k)-(l).

Other Important Contact Information

The Committee is one of a number of entities that oversees actions you may wish to take.  These sections reference the Committee on House Administration, the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the Department of State, and the Office of Interparliamentary Affairs.  The Committee does not review the security of travel destinations; however, the Office of House Security is available to assist with security concerns. 

Should you need to contact an office other than the Committee, here is the contact information.

  • Committee on House Administration
  • FEC’s Office of Congressional Affairs
  • Department of State, Interagency Working Group on U.S.-Government Sponsored International Exchanges and Training
    • 202-632-9306
  • Office of Interparliamentary Affairs
    • 202-226-1766
  • Office of House Security
    • 202-226-2044